How To Choose Weight Loss Pills?

Weight loss pills have attracted obese people since their origin. A number of companies have launched a variety of weight loss pills in the market. At such the consumer gets confused with the selection of best weight loss pills. If you are one of these unfortunate customers then this post is just for you.

Choosing the correct weight loss pill is very important as a wrong choice may result in complications. First confusion is selecting one between the prescription pills and the over the counter pills. Both of these have their own merits and demerits. For instance, with prescription pills you get assured that they are clinically tested. The claims made by these drugs are approved by respective drug regulative body in the country where it is being sold. But the disadvantage of these prescription pills is the occurrence of side effects.

The prescription pills are recommended for people who need weight loss urgently and who do not respond to other methods of weight reduction. Talking about the over-the-counter pills though they are considered to have fewer side effects but there is no guarantee of their medical claims. This is because the manufactures of these pills do not use the clinical studies on these pills to confirm their potency and action. Moreover, though these pills are considered to be safe as they are natural, incidents have occurred in the past that contradict this belief. For instance Ephedra, a common ingredient of over the diet pills has been banned now. Thus, it is better to go for reputed over the counter pills that have gained a lot of trust among the people.

Weight loss pills also differ depending on their action type. Some major types based on this distinction are fat blockers, fat burners and appetite suppressants. Fat burners work by burning the body fat internally. These pills release fat from fat cells from where it goes to the blood stream and is finally burnt at muscle cells. On the other hand, appetite suppressants kill the desire to eat. Some commonly used brands in this category are Acomplia, Phentermine and Sibutramine. Appetite suppressants have gained a lot of acceptance over the years. Finally, fat blockers are also available that restricts lipase enzymes which cause fat absorption in the body. These are also quite popular but have some side effects like diarrhea and abdomen related problems. While selecting a weight loss pill, just prefer the brands that have given positive results in the past.