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How To Make A Foundation Chain In A Crochet?

When you are making a big construction you have to make sure that the initial foundation at bottom is reliable. Crocheting is no exception. Foundation chain refers to a row of chains which serves as the basic support for the entire crochet. Thus, if you want to master the art of crocheting, you should learn the basics of foundation chain first. This post revolves around the two essential aspects of foundation chains.

Let us now talk about the process of making a foundation chain. The first step involved is called yarn over. In this step, you need to bring the yarn over the hook and then the yarn has to be pilled through the slip loop present on the hook. You might feel some inconvenience initially but with a little practice you can easily learn this step. The key to success in mastering yarn over is simply practice. Now you have to continuously make new chain stitches. This involves holding the yarn below the hook and moving the thump towards the yarn. You should make sure that the chains formed are of equal size. Moreover the size of a chain should also be identical to the size of shank of your hook. Size is important because if you will not keep proper space, inserting the hook later to make more chains would be hard.

Another important thing to notice is the size of the foundation chain. Just follow the instructions given in the crochet patterns and count the chains carefully. For instance, if the pattern requires 20 chains you will have to pull the yarn 20 times after the basic step of yarn over. Once you have pulled for 20 times you will come up with a chain having an extra loop at last. This loop is meant for the first stitch for the next row. One more precaution is to count the chain stretches from the front. This is because if you will count from tail side, you will face problem while making the foundation.

In brief, there can’t be two opinions that foundation is the most critical part of every crochet. This is because it holds the stitches and rows of a crochet. Hope this post helped you to learn the basics of foundation chain. Happy Stitching!