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How To Use A Neti Pot?

With the help of a neti pot, you can clear your sinuses and improve the ability to breathe freely. Now it’s may be the question for you that how to use it. Below written steps will guide you through the steps on how to use a neti pot.

  • Firstly, fill your neti pot and do it near to a sink.
  • Now what you need to do it, bend over to the sink and you just need to breathe naturally, not through your nose but through your mouth. Just care for one thing while pouring the water in your nose through the pot. You must not do any action through your mouth like talking or other action.
  • After that, put the cone part of your neti pot into your right nostril and try to seal it with some gentle hold so that water can’t come out of your nostril.
  • After putting the water into your nostrils, slowly twist your head forward and move it to the other side. You should roll till the left nostril comes in the lowest point. In mean while, forehead and chin can stay at the same point.
  • Actually, you need to do experiment with the every posture of your head with which you are trying. At the movement water has started to come out of the left nostril, you need to hold your head and you have to only move the Neti pot to keep the water pouring in the right nostril to continue the real process.
  • You should do this process for 20 seconds and after that hold on.
  • Now the water remaining in your nostril should flow out properly for that brings your head to the middle level. Be sure that you are doing it gently and not blowing it hardly because it may take the water up to your ears which could cause another problem.
  • You should repeat this process with the left nostril.
  • After that dry up your nose and you should not ignore this in any case.

You can consult with anyone who has done this before, because you could create some problem for yourself with wrong understanding. In some cases, if water doesn’t come out of your nostril you must then consult a doctor as soon as possible.