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Choosing a Good Spa Management Software

One can enjoy beauty treatment services in a spa as well as get a conducive environment to rest. Massage is one of the services provided at the spa and has huge health benefits. One can also receive other services such as nail care, face and body treatment, and many more. To effectively run a spa, one will require to have managerial skills, and probably incorporate with beauty skills. With technology growth, one can find several software in the market, designed for running a spa. Below is a discussion of some of the characteristics of an effective spa management software.

Look for a software that will allow clients to book for appointments online. The software should allow the clients to make bookings, schedule or cancel appointments anytime. Using the provided emails or telephone contacts, the software should be capable of sending reminders to customers before the appointment day. System users should also be able to plan their days based on the appointments allocated to each employee.
The software should keep a record of all spa inventories as well as update whenever a new product or asset is keyed in the system. Whenever a certain product is running low, the system should be able to alert the stock personnel or system user in advance. This will ensure no time is wasted waiting for procurement of products to be used in the spa. The software should also assist in stock taking, and provide a detailed report of stock count to be compared with a manual stock count for easier audit of the variances.

Other important modules include the payroll module to be used in computing salaries for the staff. The module can also be used in calculating commissions for employees as well as bonuses.

A good spa software should be able to report and pinpoint a service or department that need to be improved and allocated more resources based on its performance.

The marketing department can also utilize the spa software and use it to market the business, by regularly sending emails or messages with details of available offers, promotions, etc. The spa can decide to incorporate a module where they will be awarding clients with loyalty points after every service offered. Customer can redeem the points after some time in exchange for services equivalent to the earned points.

A good spa management software should incorporate several modes of payments, from credit card, cash, etc.

It is important to have a backup of clients contacts for use in times when you require to send promotional messages, therefore ensure you get a software that captures and stores the details. Ensure the software keeps a contact record of all the vendors against all the products they supply to the spa for easier access whenever need be.

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