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Why Sell Your House to Real Estate Investor?

When planning to sell your property, you mostly think first of listing it with a realtor who can help in putting it on market. Such method on the other hand can be expensive and time consuming too. Fortunately, it isn’t just the only available option you have when you want to sell your house as there are companies that buy houses you can talk to.

You might have to do some improvements when selling your house traditionally such as investing money in doing repairs, sprucing up the curb appeal and so on. You don’t need to do any of this if you sell to a real estate investor because they can buy the house as is. As you read the next paragraphs, you’re going to learn the different benefits of taking such option.

Number 1. Speed – like what we have learned earlier, talking to a realtor to list your house may consume a lot of your time. Your house might be marketed via open houses and advertising with average listing agreement lasting for 6 months. He/she will have to be qualified for financing which could delay the transaction as soon as you find prospective buyer.

By transacting with a real estate investor, they’re almost always ready in buying property in cash and closing the deal ASAP. As a matter of fact, this puts you in an advantageous position especially if you badly need money and want to sell the house fast.

Number 2. No need to put money into your house – if you are going to sell the house traditionally, there is a big chance that future homeowner would expect it to be in excellent condition. This may make you to spend more money to install new roof, replace the flooring, painting inside and out, improving the landscape, taking care of other costly as well as time consuming improvements that you’d not need to worry when you sell it to we buy houses companies.

The stress of improving it can be taken away off your shoulders as these investors will be doing it on your behalf. What you need to do here is to just agree on their offer and then, sell the house to them.

Number 3. No commission fees – it’s understandable that real estate agents are working on a commission basis. Meaning, if your house was sold for 200000 dollars and if your agent takes 6 percent from it, then it indicates that they take 12000 dollars of the sale. This is where we buy house companies have the upper hand as they never charge fees or commissions from the deal.

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