Flat Washers Play an Important Role in Industrial Processes

sWashers play an important role as a piece of hardware that helps distribute the load and ensure the right spacing when nuts and bolts are attached to a surface. There are several different types of washers, but one of the most versatile is the plain flat washer, which helps limit wear on a surface. Plain washers also make maintenance on parts easier since they can help ease the loosening and tightening of machine components. Flat washers are made to last a long time and are usually very reliable pieces of hardware.

Another important function of flat washers is their use in attaching a nut or bolt to a surface that isn’t smooth. A flat washer will provide the necessary connection around the entire seal, ensuring that the nut or bolt isn’t likely to loosen because it isn’t attached completely to the surface. This job is necessary to help keep the piece of equipment from becoming damaged, dislodged or even destroyed. Trying to operate equipment without nuts, bolts or washers can be expensive and dangerous.

Flat washers come in a variety of materials and sizes. Metal or plastic are the most common types, although hardened steel, brass or nylon are sometimes used. Rubber or fiber pieces known as washers, which are typically found in valves or faucets to control water flow and create a seal, are actually gaskets. A standard washer usually has an outer diameter that is approximately double the size of its inner diameter. The diameter of the washer, its opening, thickness and color play a role in how the piece of hardware is used, and are indicated by the ‘form’ designation it receives, ranging from ‘A’ to ‘G’. Most flat washers come in standard sizes, which can be easily found through hardware supply sources.

Finding the right standard washers for your industrial or home needs is simple. A wholesale supplier generally has dozens of different types and sizes of washers in stock at competitive prices. If for some reason those won’t meet your needs, a specialized flat washer can be made to your specifications. Superior Washer & Gasket Corporation is one of the many wholesalers with experienced engineers and craftsmen who can make the components you need. The company, which has been in business more than 40 years, is known for its quality control and its attention to customer needs. Contact Superior Washer when you need quality washers for your industrial processes.

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