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How To Gain Admission Into A Business School?

Top business schools are tough to get in to. You need to start well in advance to get to the school of your choice. Different admissions tests are held over the world. The criteria for gaining admission to one country may be different to that of another. Though different exams are conducted, the most famous of them is the GMAT. In India it is the CAT (Common admission test).CAT is considered to be the toughest exams on this planet. Then there are XLRI, SNAP exams etc. However if you want to try your chances with one of the US business schools then GMAT is the option for you.

All these exams require at least 4-6 months of preparation. These exams test your basic mathematical skills; you comprehension abilities and your English skills. The questions asked are very elementary and therefore only need you to apply your logic to them. The entire exam is split in to 3 parts. The first part is the English section, followed by math (both sections are 75 min each).The final section is the writing task, where you will have to frame an essay on 2 given topics. Your scores are available immediately and you can either choose to nullify your test or you can choose to keep the scores. The certificate will come to you in 14 days of completion of the test.

Get grab of GMAT training materials like Kapler series, the Princeton series and for the Indian crowd, try t go for IMS training materials. Work on the problems and sentences trying to first understand your strong and weak points. Work on them and finally towards the end of you 3rd week, start taking online tests which simulate the GMAT environment.

If the business schools of your choice have accepted your scores, you will be invited to attend A Group Discussion and a personal interview. The GD will test your abilities to handle a difficult situation, handle a group of individuals with different opinions and what is your logic.

Following the group discussion is the personal interview where a panel of judges tests your reasoning, how you carry yourselves a check for your individuality on a wide range of subjects from which they want from. This is the last step of your entry in to a Business school of your choice. Here they check if you have it in you to be a good business leader.

So after 4-6 months of working hard, taking the exams, the group discussion and the personal interview, if you have performed well in all these areas, your prayers will be answered.

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