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Appreciating Your Customer this Holiday Season

The long awaited holiday season is here. One can now sit back, relax and reflect on your progress as the year comes to a close. One large in particular, your customers, have helped you achieve this fete. They are the ones responsible for your profits that you use to reinvest in your business. It is time for you to take time and appreciate them. Listed is a number of ways to say thank you.

If you want to make a person feel valued, give them a reason to smile and feel appreciated. One way to do this is by sending greeting cards to your customers wishing them the best during the holiday season. There are several ways to approach this. E-greetings, sending customers an email but this has more cons than pros. An email may end up in your customers junk along with other emails while others may choose to spam the message. Sending a printed card is the best and most recommended way. The customer’s information can be retrieved from details in earlier purchases. It also shows that you made an effort and the message seems sincere. Make sure that you brand your cards and make it look personal by simply signing the card.

If you want to go one step further, one can surprise their customers by gifting them with vouchers and discount codes. This is both a way to say thank you and a marketing strategy. Vouchers and discount codes act boosts your customers attitude towards your business and will in turn buy products and/or services that they did not plan for. This in turn will boost your income and both parties will go home happy. It is always good for a business to spice things a little. The vouchers and discount code coupons should be branded and given a holiday theme. Remember to include terms and conditions, expiration dates and exclusion of certain products and services. This will give you the upper hand in case a customer wants to use it against you.

One can also reach out to the customers by inviting them for an end of year celebration. This is way different from a staff Christmas party. This should be done in a physical location in a way that will not damage any property. Send out invites either by hand or through emails and get an account of how many people may attend. Open the doors a little later than usual and as you interact with your customers, get a feedback on how to improve your services. This will not only be the easiest way of market research but the customers will feel personally linked with your business.

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