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What Types of Canvas Are Available For Printing?

Canvas printing is very popular with artists and photographers as it provides them with a high quality and affordable way to reproduce their prints and artwork for display purposes. There are a number of affordable canvas printing services available online and this can be a quick and easy way to get your images printed for display. The type of canvas printing you choose can affect the quality and the long term value of your image, so it is important to consider that various different printing options to ensure you choose a method suitable for your needs.

Printing on Cotton Canvas

It is slightly more expensive to print onto cotton canvas material, but this can provide a high quality, long lasting finish. Cotton fibers take printing inks very well and the dyes are readily absorbed to provide good color permanency. Cotton canvas is used in all ‘museum quality’ print jobs and is a very durable material which will last for many years if looked after carefully. Cotton fiber is also a robust material that can be stretched over a frame without any sagging or fraying. The most common cotton material used in this type of printing is woven 10oz cotton duck matt canvas, and this balances cost with quality. You can also request different weights of cotton canvas including waterproof options.

As well as being used to produce prints, cotton canvas also provides a suitable base for the addition of paints and other mediums which can be used to enhance the print and produce unique artworks.

Polyester Canvas

It is cheaper to print on polyester canvas but the finished quality is not as good as cotton canvas. Polyester fibers do have a very similar appearance to cotton canvas fibers but they do not absorb inks as readily. This causes the dye to sit on the ‘surface’ of the fabric which results in problems with color permanency as the inks can crack and flake over time. Polyester canvas is often a lot thinner than cotton canvas and can be difficult to stretch over a frame without causing sagging or overstretching.

However polyester canvas is a lot cheaper and does provide a good finish. This type of material is ideal for those on a tight budget who want to create vibrant prints for display that do not need to be ‘museum quality’. A great all-rounder polyester canvas will suit most printing needs.